Games - Play free video games online such as Chef Toss, Friendz, Furious George, Tic Tac Cow, and many others. - A free online role playing game (RPG) where you can win a $100 prize if you get the highest score. The objective is to get your friends to click your special link. Each click you receive builds up your score. You can also attack other users to steal their money, and you can purchase offensive/defensive items in the shop with your game cash. - Play over 1000 video games for free online. View thumbnail previews and descriptions for each one. - A daily entertainment crossword puzzle that you can solve online.

Jigsaw Puzzles - Hundreds of jigsaw puzzles you can do online. Also try Jigzone.

The Rock, Paper, Scissors Game - Play it online.

The Reflex Tester Game - Test your reflexes online.

Java Video Games- Online versions of the arcade classics Breakout, Pacman, Asteroids, Centipede, Frogger, plus dozens of modern video games, board games, card games, racing games, and puzzles. If this site does not have the game you are looking for, Click Here to try a similar site which also offers 3D and multi-player games. If you have trouble loading these games (or are a WebTV user), Click Here.

Video Game Downloads and Reviews - Download free PC/MAC games and read reviews of games for Playstation, Nintendo, and Dreamcast.

Yahoo Games - Play games online for free with with other web surfers: Chess, Checkers, Blackjack, Backgammon, Bridge, Gin, Go Fish, Poker, Fantasy Football, Fantasy Baseball, Stock Market Challenge, and more.

InkLink - A game where you play against other people to guess what is being drawn on the screen. Also try Isketch.

Gorillaz Geep - A 3-D driving game set to the music of the band Gorillaz.

Strength Coach - Go to their Games section and play simulated Flash sports games: golf, tennis, javelin throw, archery soccer, and more.

Real Arcade - Play 3D Pool and lots of other webgames.

Jippii - a multi-player online gaming center. All games are totally free of charge and playable with a standard web browser (no plug-ins or downloads required).

Utopia - Experience the world's most popular interactive webgame, Utopia by Join in and compete with over 70,000 players in one of the most unique and exciting experiences on the internet. Absolutely free.

Space Doctor - Guide your crew on a mission to Mars.

MPOGD - The Multi-Player Online Gaming Directory is a database of online multi-player games. Also provides daily news, in-depth game reviews, editorials, and game ratings. - The biggest, best and most visited games site on the Internet. Why? Split into five channels covering every gaming platform that matters - Nintendo 64, Sony Playstation, PC, Sega Dreamcast, and hand-held machines like Game Boy - IGN Games delivers daily content that tells you everything going on in the world of gaming. Each channel caters to its audience with high-quality news, reviews, previews, cheats, strategies and features.

Game Rankings - A list of top video games as ranked by users of the site and major online and print media sources.

Game Critics - Video game reviews.

Game Pro - Video game news, cheats, and downloads.

Armchair Empire - Video game reviews.

Video Game Music Archive - Listen to MIDI clips from NES, SNES, N64, Gameboy, Genesis, Master System, Sega Saturn, Sony Playstation, Turbo-Grafx 16 and more.

Nabisco World - Dozens of Shockwave video games you can play online.

Game Revolution - Game reviews, cheats, downloads, game news, and more.

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire - Play the game online, just like on TV.

The MUD Connector - Links to over 1600 different online MUD's, which are Dungeons and Dragons type games where multiple people are logged on and interacting with one another. - Arcade games, board games, word games, cdrom games, and card & dice games.

Candy Stand - Online games sponsored by candy manufacturers. Try BreathSaver's Billiards. - The best place for online, download and multiplayer games! Play over 200 Free action, arcade, shooter, sports, puzzle, and jigsaw games.

Uproar - At Uproar you can play games online against other people, and win some prizes.

A Fun Zone - Home to over 1000 Brain Teasers and 550+ free to play games. A Fun Zone offers an enormous archive of free puzzles, games, brainteasers, quizzes, IQ tests, trivia, contests, and free stuff.

Gamesville - Play for free and have a chance to win cash prizes from your favorite card games

MSN Games - If you don't hate Microsoft, this is very well-developed portal with a lot of players. You can see how many people are actively playing real-time.

The Station - Another great multiplayer portal with games like Jeopardy, Wheel Of Fortune and more.

Kali - Kali is the world's largest Internet gaming network enabling Internet play of the most popular multiplayer games for over 275,000 players on more than 350 servers in 40 countries. At least that is what they tell us.

Flash Arcade - Fun flash games. I liked the chicken and eggs games.

Games Domain - This british portal features contests and giveaways.

Boxer Jam - Participate in free online game shows for a chance to win some prizes.

PC Game Review - In depth reviews of the most popular games. Includes buyer's guide, message boards, and a contest.

Game Talk - Honest Opinions, Genuine Help, True Community.

Game Zone - Sports, strategies, adventure, kid zone, role playing, action/arcade simulation, classics and puzzles.

Video Game Humor - Fun humor site including top 10's, animated gif's, strange screen shots and chat.

Game Cheats - Great cheat site for games. Over 93,144 cheats listed.

Cheat Station - Searchable index for game cheats. Over 20,000 cheats for over 6,000 games.

Hyper Fiction - Help write a funny story with other players in this online game.

Scared - a first-person 3D shooter for Java.

Phat Games - built by hardcore gamers for hardcore gamers.

Maze Works - challenging java games and puzzles.

Demo Planet - The Planet's Best Demos. - The largest home video and computer game help site on the web. Covering 41 systems from the classic consoles to today's current generation, over 14,200 games are now indexed. Their extensive cheats and hint archives also includes FAQs, strategy guides, and GameShark codes, creating a resource without equal.