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Teen Advice
Get advice you can really use, online. There are articles, stories, chat rooms, and ways to get help. Learn from a counselor or get dating help. This site is all about teens helping teens.

You'll find out everything you want to know about your body and sex education at this website. From boy/girlfriends to sexual politics to reproduction, get the facts straight before you make any life-altering decisions.

Teen Help
This website is a network made up of peer mentors that have the desire to reach out and "connect" with others. Join a support group, read articles on pregnancy, relationships, and sex. Chat with a mentor or even apply to be on the staff and help others! 
Youth community portal by teens and for teens. Features education, relationships advice, literature, games, software, gadgets, expressions, contests, and bulletin boards.

This online resource guide is from the Planned Parenthood Federation of America. Get sexuality and relationship information by asking the experts. With topics like Ex-etiquette, Deal With It, and Today’s Daily Question, you’re sure to find the answers you seek.

Teen Depression
What can be done to prevent depression? Do you know what to look for? How is it diagnosed and treated? It’s all here in the Prevention, Detection, and Treatment areas of this site. [ Mature Teens ]
 Teen community site which includes advice, fashion, sports and games.

Amigos [ Teens ] 
A place to share stories, read stories, learn about important issues or just to hang out.

BBC - Teens [ Teens/Mature Teens ]
Provides chat, message boards, quizzes, horoscopes, news, health, advice and fashion for both sexes.

Bouley86 [ Teens/Mature Teens ]
 Message board community with lyrics database, news, chat, and polls.

CyberSpectrum [ Teens/Mature Teens ]
 Includes forums, chat, links, file-sharing and games

Cyberteens [ Teens/Mature Teens ]
 Includes games, links, news, and message board for teen creativity and communication. [ Teens/Mature Teens ]
A fun place for teens to interact. Includes jokes, quotes, poetry and message boards.

Forum For Youths [ Teens/Mature Teens ]
A forum with topics ranging from teens, relationship, love, studies, and school.

Global Teen [ Teens/Mature Teens ]
 Discussion and debate on global, political and environmental issues. Includes forums, e-zine, and a collection of documents.

Guideposts for Teens [ Teens/Mature Teens ] 
Articles, discussions, advice, and issues dealing with teenage spirituality and faith.

Hiveports [ Mature Teens ]
 Users can diversify and converse through a safe medium. [ Mature Teens ] 
An interactive site, aiming to offer a positive alternative to the much publicized violence, and destructive behavior in high schools. Uses Flash. [ Teens/Mature Teens ] - Interactive forum for teens with ratings, reviews, and advice on surf, skate, music, fashion, and dating.

It's About Us [ Teens/Mature Teens ]
Offers free ecards, free web pages, weekly horoscopes, internet safety tips, and searchable questions and answers about teen life. [ Mature Teens ] 
Site for teens to hangout. Includes a love lounge, horoscopes, chats, message boards, and photo gallery.

JustEnough [ Mature Teens ]
A place for teens to discuss music-related issues using message boards, chat rooms, and free email.

KidLink [ Teens/Mature Teens ]
Organization aimed at getting youth involved in a global dialog, through email and chat, online projects, and message boards. [ Mature Teens ] 
A teen community wrapped around an online magazine where teens can get fashion tips, advice, and chat.

LiveWire [ Teens/Mature Teens ] 
An online community for teens to discuss issues related to school, parents, health, and culture.

NeonTeen [ Teens/Mature Teens ]
Includes teen chat, message boards, gaming arcade, jokes, and profiles.

Online Youth Club [ Teens/Mature Teens ]
 Run by the National Youth Advocacy Service and offering reviews, competitions and forums. Includes an advice page and information about the rights of young people. [ Teens/Mature Teens ]
 Online community for the socially outcasted.

Shine [ Teens/Mature Teens ]
Features music and movie news, message boards, contests, advice column, poetry, art galleries, and online journals.

Streaming Futures [ Mature Teens ]
Connects teenagers with careers by allowing them to interact with career professionals though live, interactive Internet webcasts. Provides free help with career planning and college information.

Teen Twist [ Kids/Teens/Mature Teens ]
Original variety site for teens that includes message boards, interviews, advice, contests, and jokes. [ Teens/Mature Teens ] 
Includes forums, chat, diaries, advice, quizzes, poetry

Teens 411 [ Teens/Mature Teens ] 
Provides news, gossip, pictures, links, chat rooms and forums. [ Teens/Mature Teens ]
Youth community portal by teens and for teens. Features education, relationships advice, literature, games, software, gadgets, expressions, contests, and bulletin boards.

Youth Crime Watch of America [ Teens/Mature Teens ]
This site is to help youth protect themselves and others from the criminal world. Programs such as mentors, educating and youth patrols are involved.

Youth Tech [ Teens/Mature Teens ]
Community for teens, created by teens with chats, computer help, technical information, an art gallery, and message boards.

Take a behavior evaluation or visit the Behavioral Health Library or Drug Database Resource. There are Suicide Prevention Resources and 'what to do if you are concerned about a friend.' Go Ask Alice for answers to tougher questions.

Girl Zone
Let your voice be heard in these online surveys and opinion polls or get advice on college, travel, your career, money, movies, and music. Find out where to shop for the hippest fashions, or get the latest sports information.

Teen Ink
Learn about your favorite celeb, or check out the information on colleges, essays, reviews, and more. Browse topics like sports, movies, art, fiction, opinion, and learn how to do your fair share by participating in community service.

Teen People
Get the scoop on your favorite stars or update your current style. Play online games, get juicy gossip, or get personal with chats and contests. Find out what girls your age are up to in the real world.

Teen Voices
Hear what your peers have to say about art, culture, and poetry. Get your horoscope, visit the gallery, or get advice and answers to your personal questions. Chat with friends or if you’re in a deep mood, read and write.

The ‘N’
With topics such as ‘Dealing With it’, ‘Question Authority’, and tons of gossip on movies, music, and trends, it’s hard not to like this user-friendly site. Play games, get the schedule for the ‘n’ on tv, or post messages on the board.


Look over today’s top 10 hot topics and join a discussion. Take one of their quizzes and learn a little more about yourself. Get advice about the prom, romance, or take part in a poll.
Provides teens with a safe space ask questions and to get reliable information about marijuana and its effects.

Teen Magazine          Teen Voices Magazine          Fast Times          Girl's World Online Clubhouse

Teen People          FashionTeen          NIDA for Teens

College Prep Resources

TestMasters offers students LSAT expertise. Robin Singh, the creator of the TestMasters LSAT Course, has achieved a world record 12 perfect scores on the actual LSAT. For over 20 years, TestMasters has helped over 100,000 students increase their scores by applying methods and techniques that Robin Singh developed.

Pink Monkey
Pink Monkey (besides having a memorable name) has downloadable and printable Booknotes for a variety of titles. Their library of over 350 online Literature summaries, Test Prep resources, and College planning tips will help you become a successful student. Check out the Digital Library with over 1,800 literary classics. Read all of these online!

Spark Notes
There are so many cool features here that you are sure to find one that will help you. Use their reference tools, message boards to ask a question, or check out the Knowledgecams to watch the creators at work. Read full texts of Classic Literature online, and use the Current Events section to conduct research for your paper. Also get Test Prep for the SAT, ACT, and SAT II.

Cliffs Notes
Cliffs Notes is known for helping thousands of students to comprehend their reading assignments. Cliffs Quick Review helps you conquer the most popular high school and college courses. Cliffs Test Prep helps you to achieve your best score on tests with their practice exams and strategies. Visit the Student Center for even more cool tools.

Study Guides & Strategies
This page has dozens of strategies that are sure to answer any questions you might have. Learn how to manage time, prepare for the classroom, organize projects, prepare for tests, write essays, study effectively, and how to take notes that are useable. A valuable resource for any student, is the area called Webtruth. Here you can learn how to cite websites. Available in several languages.

Study Guides & Test Taking Strategies
Use this list of resources to find everything from tips on how to get ready for your Math final, to punctuation techniques. Culled from several University websites, these study guides, Internet resources, and archives will help you get started studying successfully.

Gaming Stuff

This site is extensive and well written. They cover the major game systems and their offerings are many. One thing we dot particularly care for is their habit of typing their entire cheat in CAPS. This makes it rather difficult to read.

AllCube specializes in GameCube cheats. You can also find reviews and the latest in gaming news on this clean website.

This site covers Game Cube, XBox, PS2, and PC game cheats. Their lists are kept up-to-date and extensive. A very helpful site.

Games Chart
If yore curious about which games are on the top of the charts, this is the place to look. They carry lists of the top games on PS2, XBox, GameCube, and GameBoy Advanced.

This site is fairly young, but it promises to be a great site. RobsGaming covers the widest range of systems of the sites listed. There are not as many cheat lists as some sites, but the lists themselves are quite thorough. This is a good place to visit for some of the latest games.

Online Registration

Learn about MBA Careers, evaluate schools, register for the GMAT, craft your application, and find out how to market yourself like a pro. You’ll find complete guidelines for higher education opportunities.

New SAT 2005
The new SAT will be administered for the first time in March 2005. Do you know what changes have been made? Be sure to check out this press release.
Source:   The College Board

Online ACT Registration
Aside from registering for the ACT Assessment, get test prep help, advice, scoring info, or answers to frequently asked questions.

Online Practice Test Site
This site brings you free online Educational Exams such as the SAT, ACT, GRE, GMAT, and more. It also has Computer Exams for Windows, Office, Sun Java, and other programs. Lastly, you'll find Professional Exams for legal, medical, accounting, and many more practices.

Online SAT Registration
Get dates and fees, view and send scores, or register online for the SAT here! Get all your questions answered.

Power Score
Get the facts on the GMAT or LSAT. Browse courses, locations, the scoring scales, or get tutoring. Find out how to enroll and sign up now!

Test of English as a Foreign Language

The TOEFL program provides English proficiency testing services for international students planning to study in the United States, Canada, or other countries where English is the language of instruction. This test is made available world-wide.

Test Taking Tools

ACT, SAT College Help
Sign up now to get college planning assistance 24 hours a day. Get access to ACT, SAT, and PSAT courses, as well as Civil Service Exams.

College Power Prep
The SAT and ACT Laboratories are just the thing to help you develop strategies for test taking. Access tools and resources, get college guidance, or try the online SAT VocabMaster.

Educational Testing Service
The Starting Points for Students section provides you with a complete, self directed, interactive system of career guidance and information. There are graduate school decision guides, international resources, facts about financing your education, and official test prep.

Essay Edge
This is an especially good resource for getting help on your college admissions essay. Follow the lessons to sample essay structures, what "they" look for, and the final preparation for submitting your essay

Test Assistance
Here you can find practice tests, sample syllabi, primary, secondary, and media sources for the Advanced Placement Program and other high school courses.