Movies & TV - Watch over 4,000 free video clips online: movie previews, music videos, video game previews, fashion news, celeb interviews, entertainment gossip and more. - a funny list of movie cliches. - A humorous list of things characters in James Bond type movies should do differently. Great advice for any evil genius, hero, sidekick, henchman, true love, evil empress, innocent bystander, trusted lieutenant, wicked but beautiful daughter, alien, or legion of doom trooper.

Guess The TV Show or Movie - Think of a tv show or movie name, and the computer will try to guess which one. Also try Guess the Dictator and/or Television Sit-Com Character. - Read the latest news, gossip, and interviews for Survivor, American Idol, Real World, The Bachelorette, Average Joe, The Apprentice and hundreds of other reality TV shows. - Listen to hundreds of old time radio shows online for free: Superman, Abbott and Costello, Sherlock Homes, Groucho Marx, Buck Rogers, The Avenger, Gunsmoke, and many others. - Save your favorite TV shows from being cancelled by voting for them online.

Fan Fiction - Read stories written by fans of your favorite TV shows (Buffy, Dawson's Creek, X-Files, Friends, Xena...), movies (Star Wars, Matrix, Titanic...), music groups (Backstreet Boys, *NSYNC...), comics (Batman, X-Men...) , books (Harry Potter, Anne Rice, Animorphs...), video games (Pokemon, Myst, Zelda...), and more.

Television Without Pity - Did you miss an episode of your favorite TV show? Find out what happened each week on popular TV shows: CSI, Alias, 24, Joan of Arcadia, ER, and many others. - Find out when people think popular TV shows started to go bad, such as: The Brady Bunch, The X-Files, ER, Seinfeld, Buffy, Ally McBeal, Beverly Hills 90210, The Simpsons, and more.

E OnLine! - Celebrity Gossip, Interviews, and Entertainment News.

The Hollywood Stock Exchange - A virtual stock market where you buy and sell shares of your favorite movies, rock groups, and Hollywood stars. As their popularity increases, so does the value of your portfolio. Play for free.

Internet Movie Database - Use the search box on the top of their page to search movie reviews for over 200,000 films. Also find local movie showtimes and movie industry news. - A database of amusing bloopers or mistakes in movies or tv shows that weren't caught, and made their way to the viewing public. Also try which lists amusing hidden tidbits that were put there on purpose.

Drew's Script-O-Rama - Read hundreds of TV and movie scripts. For more scripts, visit Script Crawler.

The Smoking Gun - Real news stories, mostly about celebrities, using material obtained from government and law enforcement sources, via Freedom of Information requests, and from court files nationwide. - The on-line student film festival and resource...

Movie Sounds - listen to sound clips from popular movies.

Rotten Tomatoes - Movie reviews, movie previews, and movie news.

Celebrity Game - Play games with pictures of your favorite celebrities. - Movie reviews presented in a stylish, easy to use graphical format. - offers previews, reviews, and trailers for today's newest movies.

Bad Movies - This is the place to find really cheesy and gory movies. Get reviews as well as screen shots and video clips.

Mr. Cranky - Honest, straightforward movie reviews. - is a movie site, with over 1 million pages of movie-related content, including entertainment news and information, movie trailers, movie showtimes listings for 33,000 theaters across the United States, multimedia coverage of awards shows and festivals, movie reviews, audio clips, movie soundtracks, special features and more.

Atom Films - Atom Films has exclusive licenses to short films and animations and streams them right to your desktop online.

Media Trip - MediaTrip is a next-generation online entertainment company providing on-demand film, music and original programming content.

Movie-A-Minute - They've taken several classic and contemporary movies and extracted the important stuff, cutting out all the filler.

Upcoming Movies - This site provides previews of the movies heading our way in the coming months.

NitPickers - The nitpickers site was created to be the place for people to come find nitpicks on their favorite movies, as well as post your own.

Movie Bloopers Online - A site dedicated to informing people of all the movie scenes where Hollywood messed up.

The Scoop - Fictitious comical news. Also has some articles and stories which are real. - Movie news, interviews, previews, and more.