Break In The Road - Collect various sounds from around the city to create your own music, then test your creation at the local club. - A funny list of real country music song titles. - Humorous instructions on how to sing the blues.

Song Meanings - Find out the meaning of the lyrics for over 100,000 songs, or give you own thoughts about a song. - Watch music videos for free online, courtesy of the major record labels. Thousands to choose from: Eminem, Blink 182, J-Lo, Pink, Nelly, Jewel and more. - Make your own rock band and hear it play music online. - Listen online to funny song parodies of Britney Spears, Eminem, Bruce Springsteen, Tom Petty, George Bush, and many more. - Funny music video parodies of Britney Spears, Eminem, Metallica, Backstreet Boys and more. - Upload a song or voice recording and hear it played backwards online. See if it contains any hidden subliminal messages or listen just for the fun of it. New Music Player - Listen to brand new, unreleased songs. Let the record companies know what you think about the songs and win cash or CD's

Song Lyrics - Find the words to thousands of songs. Also try these databases: SongLyrics and

MIDI Songs- Listen online to MIDI versions of pop hits from artists such as the Backstreet Boys, Madonna, Korn, Eminem, TLC, Britney Spears, Ricky Martin, Limp Bizkit, Alanis Morissette, and others. For more MIDI's, try Ifni MIDI Music.

Dancing Pages - Dancing hampsters, celebrities, and more.

Pop culture Madness - A list of the best and worst songs of all time.

PianoGraphique - Make funky music using your keyboard. No skills needed.

Music Mini - Listen to 3 audio clips, and then try to name the rock groups that sing each song. Earn points for correct answers, and play against others if you think you are good enough.

All Music - A music database listing over 470,000 albums, over 155,000 album reviews, more than 3,100,000 individual tracks, over 43,000 artist biographies, andmore than 235,000 artist photos and album covers. .

Artist Launch - Listen online to new bands.

Promosquad - Get free stuff for rating new music and promoting new bands.

Artist Direct - Links to official sites and store for your favorite popular artists from every genre.

IMusic - Thousands of message boards where you can voice your thoughts about your favorite, or most hated group.

Mp3 Box - Portal site with links to mp3 search engine, information, search engines and much much more. - is a full-service, music web site providing a wide array of genres, interactive services, and music related information.

MTV - Site for the cable tv station MTV. You can view music videos from alot of groups and interact with other people on this site.

Misheard Lyrics - Archive of lyrics that people have heard wrong, along with what the songs really say.

Lets Sing It - A massive listing of lyrics from thousands of artists.

Songs Banned By USA - A selected on-line chronicle of music that has been banned or censored in the US.

Rock Toons - Cartoon images of many of your favorte bands.

Launch - Listen, watch, read about, and interact with your favorite artists.

IUMA - Discover unsigned artists, independent bands, local talent. Free mp3 music files.