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Virtual Library: Science  - Directory of the Virtual Library, an expert-run catalog of sections of the web. The Virtual Library is particularly strong in the sciences.

Honest Intellectual Inquiry into Science - Includes categorized links to general science, anthropology, archaeology, astronomy, biology, genetics, evolution, chemistry, physics, climatology, computers, ecology, geology, mathematics, medicine, and paleontology.


Access Place Science - Moderate-sized links collection, with emphasis on popular science topics.

British Council: Science - These pages guide you into UK science, engineering and technology, and environment, and list services and information produced by the British Council.

Dr. Matrix' Web World of Science - Links to internet science resources.

Educypedia - A directory of Internet resources on electronics, computer, scientific and educational material.

EFG's Color Reference Library - Research resource aimed toward color reference, but includes links to science, technology, and educational resources.

Eric Weisstein's Treasure Troves of Science - Online encyclopedias of astronomy, math, physics, scientific biographies, and scientific books, with many equations and formulas.

Essential Science Indicators - Summaries of new developments within areas of science of key papers, authors, institutions, nations and journals. Categorized by type of media.

European Current Research Information Systems - Contains links to study projects in Europe, Japan and the United States.

ExpeditionQuest - Information on expeditions worldwide. Also offers placement service, funding, news, and lecture series. Some features require registration.

First Gov for Science - Collection of information provided by U.S. government agencies, including research and development results.

First Science - Portal of news, articles, games and quizzes, vidcaps and webcams, humor and poems.

Forum Jam - Lists of academic journals by subject, keyword and alphabetical order.

Get Science - Selection of pages about space, chemistry, biotechnology, sociology and general topics. - A resource for cutting-edge science, disease research, UFOs and other phenomena.

Honest Intellectual Inquiry into Science - Includes categorized links to general science, anthropology, archaeology, astronomy, biology, genetics, evolution, chemistry, physics, climatology, computers, ecology, geology, mathematics, medicine, and paleontology.

Hypography Sci-Tech - A guide to science links and technology news on the internet.

Lab Finder - Searchable database for testing and calibration laboratory facilities by country and type of experiments.

Nearctica: The Natural History of North America - Comprehensive site including education, natural history, conservation, environment, ecology, evolution, geology, paleontology, and systematics.

NovaGate - A gateway to selected resources in the fields of forestry, veterinary, agricultural, food and environmental sciences. Searchable and browsable annotated database by the libraries of the Nova University.

PSIgate - Physical Sciences Information Gateway - PSIgate provides access to evaluated network based information services and resources in the physical sciences. - Science Information Resources - Annotated collection of resource pages for chemistry, physics, technology, anthropology, biology, food science, genetics, geology, cosmology, science history, engineering, math, and related online magazines.

Research in Norway (NFI) - Contains information on current and past research and development projects in the country's institutions of higher learning. Topics include the humanities, social science, maths and natural sciences, technology, medicine, agricultural and fishery specialties.

Resource Guide for Engineering, Mathematics and Computing - A guide for staff and students in UK higher education to key resources to support learning, teaching and research in Engineering, Mathematics and Computing.

SciCentral: News - Science portal includes breaking news from scientific journals, universities and government sources.

Science and Math Depot - Science and math information, books, and software sales.

A Science Bibliography - Stanford University collection of scientific resources and publications.

Science Education Website - Contains to biology, chemistry, environmental, games, higher education, math, paranormal, physics, space, and technology webpages. Includes a quiz bowl and FAQ's page. Maintained by the University of Louisville.

The Science Page - Links to resources in all main science areas, plus newsgroups, constants, history, teacher resources and science analogies.

Science Resources on the Net - A selection of listings covering museums, K-12 sites, math, computer science, philosophy of science, physics, chemistry, astronomy and cosmology, biology, geology, ecology, agriculture, medicine, psychology, anthropology and archeology. Includes website search engine.

Science World - Links to science resources. Also includes weather links. - An annotated catalog of U.S. Government science and technology web sites for the scientist, engineer, and science-aware citizen.

The Scout Report for Science and Engineering - Biweekly e-zine offers a selective collection of internet resources covering topics in the sciences, and related fields such as math and engineering, that have been chosen by librarians and content specialists in the given field of study.

STN Easy - Web-based search engine that accesses more than 60 databases in the Scientific and Technical Information Network. Includes Scitech, regulatory information, MSDS, chemical inventories, toxicology, chemical suppliers, other topics.

STN International on the Web - An online scientific and technical information service (subscription required) that provides access to more than 200 in-depth databases in science and technology to offer direct links to the scientific literature, patents, and chemical catalogs.

Strategian - Descriptions, ratings and links for a few "top internet sites" in biology, chemistry, computer science, mathematics, medicine, physics, and psychology.

Top Science Sites - View this week's selection of the top one hundred science webpages.

Virtual Library - Provides access to a vast array of energy, science, and technology information.

WebExhibits Catalogue - Something interesting, every day. Brief summaries and online reviews of an eclectic selection of science-related web sites.